CBD oil and other CBD products can have a plethora of positive effects. They could help to provide relief from the everyday stresses of life, they could be used to bring about a sense of calm, help to alleviate minor discomforts after working out or just work and has the potential to help keep your mood nicely balanced as the day goes on.

With so many new products available, including;

oils, topical salves, muscle rubs, gummies, capsules, bath salts, soaps, infused drinks and CBD patches, there really is a variety of different ways to enjoy the potential benefits of CBD.

Here are some popular uses for CBD products:


Balancing any kind of work and home life can get a little stressful at times, especially at this difficult time, and we need and want to relax. One of the most significant benefits CBD has to offer is that it can help to promote a feeling of relaxation, as your endocannabinoid receptors respond to CBD. (learn more about the endocannabinoid system).

As CBD is not psychoactive it can be used to help you remain calm, relaxed and focussed throughout your working day.

Whether you are looking after and trying to teach your kids - whilst simultaneously trying to work through all the household chores or just permanently stuck at a desk looking at your laptop there is nothing quite like a nice hot bath or relaxing massage after a stressful or busy day made all the better from the addition of some CBD infused bath oils/salts or a CBD infused massage bar..

Working out is a great way to work off some steam whilst staying fit and healthy, it can be helpful when trying to de-stress and can leave you feeling relaxed. But if you go at it a bit too hard, it can also lead to muscle soreness and fatigue. There are plenty of muscle rubs available on the market. (Take a look at ours here).


With all this relaxation going on there is a good chance that it could help maintain restful sleep as well and help to bolster your bodies recovery from any such extreme physical activity.

Keeping up with any kind of normal sleep pattern can become  much more difficult at times like these and with a good chunk of us being held up indoors, pretty much 24 hours a day, the majority of us have much less outside stimuli to keep our internal clock ticking as it should.   


Most of the time you enjoy the company and love hearing the stories of others, but there is something that makes the setting all so important. When you are comfortable with the location and the crowd, you are social. But for some reason in some settings, like an out of the area work event in a large exhibition centre or a get together with new friends, you know you could start to feel uncomfortable. Where even the lead-up to an event like this can leave you feeling rather terrified about attending. Vibes and feelings can change very quickly. And what was once a quiet, comfortable coffee shop when you arrived can quickly turn into a bustling speak easy. The beauty of CBD is that it can work very quickly.

A daily routine that includes having CBD on hand for emergencies may help you with those situations. If you take it sublingually (or under your tongue) and let it absorb for about 60-90 seconds before swallowing, the CBD should find its way into your bloodstream in about 30 minutes – much faster than swallowing alone. (Check out our CBD products here).


CBD products are getting a lot of exposure at the moment with numerous accounts, all over the web and from around the globe, of how it has helped many thousands of people alleviate the symptoms of many different ailments.

The truth is if you think it could help, the best thing you can do is to give it a try and see which method of application or product works best for you.